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Mänskliga rättigheter: situationen i Kongo, Centralafrikanska republiken och Bahrain




516c22376Europaparlamentet antog tre separata resolutioner den 12 september, som fördömer det senaste våldsutbrottet i östra Demokratiska republiken Kongo och det grundlagsstridiga maktövertagandet i CAR i mars och kräver respekt för mänskliga rättigheter och grundläggande friheter i Bahrain.

Demokratiska republiken Kongo (DRC)

MEPs strongly condemned the latest outbreak of violence in the eastern part of the country and demand an immediate end to all human rights abuses, including the alarming and widespread sexual and gender-based violence. They condemned all forms of external support to the “disruptive forces in the DRC” and call on the regional actors to refrain from any acts or statements that would worsen the situation in Congo. The Congolese authorities are also encouraged “to implement all necessary measures to consolidate democracy and ensure genuine participation by all political forces” according to the existing legislation and on the basis of free and fair elections.

Centralafrikanska republiken (CAR)

Parliament’s resolution condemns the unconstitutional seizure of power, by dint of armed force, by the Séléka coalition in March as well as the serious violations of humanitarian law and the widespread violations of human rights. MEPs express their deep concern about the situation in the country and call on the authorities to take concrete measures to protect the civilian population and to restore public order and basic services.


“The legitimate right of Bahraini citizens to express their opinions freely, organise gatherings and demonstrate peacefully must be respected,” said MEPs in their resolution. They further call on the authorities to immediately end all acts of repression, release all prisoners of conscience, and respect the rights of juveniles. “The independent commission for the rights of prisoners and detainees should effectively monitor and improve their conditions”, they add, while “the Ministry for Human Rights and Social Development in Bahrain should act in accordance with international human rights standards and obligations”.


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