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Schulz drar paralleller mellan Europa och Afrika




drar‘Citizens today are increasingly global. They are connected to the entire world, via their mobile phone and internet, not just within their district or country, as they have never been before and they have to be represented by parliaments that share their preoccupations, – said president of the European Parlimant Shultz, addressing the Pan-African Parlimant in Johannesburg, South Africa today.
But he admitted that  to represent the peoples of an entire continent needs time, a capacity to adapt and ‘an iron will and a great faih.

Europaparlamentet har stött det panafrikanska parlamentets arbete sedan det bildades.

This commitment is reinforced by the European Parliament’s own history towards institutional strengthening. A process that is nonetheless necessary in order to materialise the vision and values that inspire our work.

It took us 27 years – until 1979 – for Members of the European Parliament to be directly elected by our citizens. The process of increasing legislative powers has been slow and gradual, continued the president.  He hoped that the Pan-African Parliament will need less time.

President Schultz uttryckte sin tro på framtiden för Pan-African Parlimanet. eftersom det finns ett behov av en kontinental institution som kan främja demokrati och gott styre i hela Afrika, och föra samman medborgarna på kontinenten, vara proaktiv i fredsprocessen på kontinenten.

‘In the rhythm of our globalised media society, decisions are taken and implemented with unimaginable speed…and under pressure from the markets, decisions are being taken swiftly and, if possible, without parliamentary involvement’, – lamented Shultz.

It is not a ‘right thing’ as democracy and parliamentarism need time.


‘… if we do not take that time we will have a democracy that is at the mercy of market principles, rather than a market that complies with democracy’.

Ytterligare president vände sig till hedgefonder som spekulerar i ökningar av livsmedelspriser visar hur perversa marknader kan agera om de inte är under demokratisk granskning.

‘The result is especially visible here in Africa where people are suffering from food shortages. It is not acceptable that the hunger of some is used to the profit of others. This is immorality carried to the extreme’, – Schultz said.

Anna van Densky

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