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Kina och EU

Yrkesutbildningssamarbete och utbyte mellan Kina och Belgien är lovande




"Recently, I visited AP University of Applied Science and Arts Antwerp (AP) upon invitation to attend the online signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding and a Letter of Intent by Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Hainan Vocational University of Science and Technology with AP respectively." - writes Cao Zhongming, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Belgium (avbildad).

"These two documents, with substantive and diversified cooperation means, focus on vocational education and nurturing of music talents. Cooperation on nurturing music talents includes such forms as exchanges of teachers and students, performance exchanges, overseas study programs, and training for international competitions. Cooperation on vocational education is about rehabilitation center cooperation and exchanges and cooperation on rehabilitative treatment, services, internships, and international forums. The signing of these two documents is yet another important achievement of educational and sub-national cooperation between China and Belgium.

          Vocational education and the training of skilled professionals are closely related to economic and social development. They are of great significance in promoting employment and entrepreneurship, boosting economic and social development, and meeting people’s aspiration for a better life. Developing vocational education and strengthening the training of skilled professionals have become a choice of strategic importance for countries to meet the challenges concerning economy, society, population, environment and employment, and to realize sustainable development. In recent years, the Chinese government has prioritized vocational education and the training of skilled professionals. This August, China hosted the first World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference in Tianjin. In President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory message to the conference, he noted that China actively pushes forward the high-quality development of vocational education, and supports exchanges and cooperation in vocational education with other countries. China is ready to work with other countries to strengthen mutual learning, joint contribution and shared benefits, implement the Global Development Initiative, and contribute to faster implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

          China has basically put in place a vocational school system integrating secondary, higher and undergraduate vocational schools. There are approximately 11,200 vocational education institutes and over 29.15 million enrolled students within this system. Its more than 1,300 majors cover basically all sectors of the national economy. Encouraging progress has been made in foreign exchanges and cooperation of China's vocational education. China has been in good contact with over 70 countries and international organizations, set up 20 Luban Workshops in 19 countries, held the World Vocational College Skills Competition and the World Expo on the Integration of Vocational Education and Industry, and launched the World Alliance on Vocational and Technical Education. Moving forward, China will actively explore cooperation between businesses and vocational education institutes in running schools abroad, so as to build more cooperation platforms, open more cooperation channels, carry out practical multi-party exchanges and dialogues, and promote the common development of vocational education in all countries.

          Belgium has a complete and distinctive vocational education system, featuring particularly close cooperation between education institutes and businesses. We are ready to draw on the expertise and experience of Belgium's vocational education. The development of vocational education in China is booming, China’s socio-economic progress has created a huge demand for skilled professionals, and people-to-people exchanges and trade between China and Belgium has been steadily growing. All these will bring great opportunities for the development of Belgium's higher vocational education and external cooperation. China and Belgium can carry out practical cooperation on the training of skilled professionals in areas like modern agriculture, modern services, art and sports via such means as cooperation in running schools, exchanges of teachers and students, mutual visits, internships and international conferences. Such cooperation will contribute to economic development and employment of the youth in both countries.

          Since the establishment of diplomatic ties over five decades ago, China and Belgium have enjoyed steady development of educational exchanges and cooperation. Given the different histories, cultures and political systems of the two countries, it is only natural for China and Belgium to have different views on some topics. But such differences shall not affect bilateral dialogues, exchanges and cooperation. It serves the interest of both sides to step up communication, strengthen understanding, expand common ground and carry out mutually beneficial cooperation. It is gratifying to see that the insightful in Belgium, from the government to universities, have the interest in and will for educational exchanges and cooperation with China. I am confident that vocational education cooperation and exchanges between China and Belgium will embrace a promising prospect.


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