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EU-Ukraina: "Bara en ukrainsk plan kan fungera"




0 ,, 17237996_303,00Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Štefan Füle has continued the EU’s political efforts in helping Ukraine to find solution to the political crisis, holding talks with partners in Kyiv on 11-13 February. After that, he made the following statement to the media (se även video på länken nedan).

“It is my third visit here in as many weeks. This one is very much connected to the Foreign Affairs Council and has an overarching goal to stress the EU´s concerns and continued willingness to help. My main message is that only one plan can work here: a Ukrainian plan agreed by Ukrainians and implemented swiftly.

“I had talks with the president, leaders of the opposition, civil society, and activists from Euromaidan. All of them are important actors in this process. I conveyed to them that deep engagement of all is needed to find negotiated solution based on consensus. In all my meetings I stressed how important is confidence and trust as the main precondition for political process. I made the point that confidence and trust of the population cannot be achieved on Maidan and main squares in big cities, while throughout the country the arrests, intimidations and harassment of protesters and activists continue from people in uniforms and in civilian or sporting clothes. An important part of my programme was to visit two hospitals to see injured protesters and policemen. My message there was that violence is not acceptable. Politicians must think about the impact of their actions or non-actions. I also used that opportunity to appreciate the work of doctors in these difficult circumstances.

“From all my conversations I gathered that there is the need:

  • Att ta brådskande åtgärder för konstitutionella reformer och bildandet av den nya inkluderande regeringen, för att säkerställa fria och rättvisa val;
  • nominate the remaining member of the Investigation Advisory Panel, as initiated by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and make the Panel work as soon as possible. The work of this Panel is important – it would ensure that the investigations by the Ukrainian authorities proceed in a way which is compatible with Ukraine’s international commitments;
  • mer säkerhet, ingen straffrihet: respekt och skydd för rättigheter och friheter, slut på hot, trakasserier, snabba och öppna utredningar av våldshandlingar;
  • det är konstigt och oacceptabelt att de skadade förs till sjukhus av polis och inte av ambulanser, och;
  • Jag fick möjligheten att uppskatta de oberoende mediernas arbete. Pressfrihet är en av demokratins huvudpelare. För att demokratin ska sträva efter måste journalister ha frihet att göra sitt jobb och får inte bli medvetet måltavla och hotade. Genom att rikta in dig på pressen riktar du dig mot en av grundpelarna i din egen demokrati.

“This brings me to what the EU could bring to facilitate the process. Throughout our continued engagement and based on the FAC Conclusions from Monday, we continue to support the peaceful political process.

“We are ready to step up our efforts, together with international partners, to help Ukraine in dealing with difficult economic situation with reform agenda and assistance.

“On 10 February, EU foreign ministers made clear that in case of deterioration of the overall situation we are ready to respond quickly. And let me also refer to the last sentence of the Foreign Affairs Council’s conclusions: the member states reaffirmed their commitment to sign the Association Agreement/ Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with Ukraine and at the same time made clear that this Agreement is not the final goal of our co-operation.


“To conclude: Time is not on your side – we are. But this is a Ukrainian process. A process, in which the future of this country and its people is at stake.

“For this process to be successful, it needs to be inclusive – not only about the authorities and opposition, but also about the civil society and business community. They are extremely important to unlock the full potential of this beautiful country. And the authorities must realise that they bear the main responsibility in this process.”

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