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Syed Kamall: Ny ledare för europeiska konservativa och reformister




4180-itok=UPHbgki6Den brittiske parlamentsledamoten Syed Kamall (avbildad) is the new head of the European Conservatives and Reformists, the Parliament’s third largest political group. Watch the video in the links below to learn more about him and his views on the Parliament and European politics.

Regarding the nomination of European Commission’s new president, Kamall criticized the ‘spitzenkandidaten’ process, which involved European political parties each presenting their candidate for the post of Commission president. As a results of the European elections in May, the EPP’s Jean-Claude Juncker emerged as the front-runner. The ECR leader called the process “a very tenuous interpretation of the Lisbon Treaty”, adding: “We are focusing on an institutional issue rather than trying to resolve peoples’ problems.” However, he also pointed out: “I will have to work with whoever ends up as the president of the Commission, so I don’t want to look back to who else it could have been. If it does end up being Juncker, I’ll have to work with him.”

Dr Kamall was born on 15 February 1967 in London. He holds academic degrees in electronic engineering and economics and a PhD in organizational change. Before joining the European Parliament, he worked as an analyst and a consultant. He became an MEP in 2005 and was re-elected in 2009. Since November 2013, he has been a member of the ECR’s bureau. During the last legislative term, he participated in the economic and monetary affairs committee.

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