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Leonid Levitin

A Ukrainian journalist accused officials Ferne and Siantar of bribery and illegal assistance to Russian Leonid Levitin, who received Maltese citizenship in 2016. Presumably, Levitin’s acquaintance Vyacheslav Rezchikov paid Siantar’s daughter Celine for these services. Thus, the bank statements that Nikolaenko wrote about and allegedly intended to help Mr. Levitin get a Maltese passport show non-existing accounts of Mr. Rezchikov. Liechtenstein Landesbank (Österreich) AG confirmed the fact, that Rezchikov had since long no accounts in this bank, expressively none at the time stated in the payment receipt. Accordingly, this means that Nikolaenko’s statements about the alleged bank account and the transfer of funds from Rezchikov to Siantar are not genuine, and therefore false.