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Konservativ MEP anklagar UKIP och Farage of hypocrisy




farage-cypern-eu-bailout.siA European Parliament vote on the ‘Right of Free Movement in the EU’ took place today (16 January) at approximately 12h30 – UKIP leader Nigel Farage was absent from the vote, which brought an angry response from Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim.

“Nigel Farage’s absence from today’s vote on the issue of free movement in the EU highlights once again the glaring hypocrisy of UKIP. They jump on the populist bandwagon and argue for tougher immigration rules, yet when these rules are being decided upon, they are nowhere to be seen,” Karim said.

“It is disappointing that time and again UKIP MEPs refuse to take part and engage in the European Union legislative process on key issues which affect Britain, ” he added. “They are more interested in complaining, and trying to score easy political points by bashing our European allies and trading partners. Now more than ever is the time for a reasoned debate on the issue of immigration. The British people need to be presented with clear facts rather than cheap rhetoric that does nothing but tarnish Britain’s reputation.”

Nigel Farage has made the issue of mass immigration a lynchpin of UKIP’s policies, claiming that his party has “driven the agenda in terms of warning of the dangers of opening up our doors to EU nations such as Bulgaria and Romania”.

Som talar till EU-Reporter,  Farage said: “Significant votes in the European Parliament that would win back a degree of self-control for the UK usually have 600 MEPs opposed. Mr Karim can justify his existence by signing in for as many generous daily allowances as he likes. I am campaigning in the UK today.”

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