Pittella: "Europa kommer inte att förändras genom terrorism. United We shall overcome "

o-GIANNI-PITTELLA-facebookToday (25 November) the European Parliament debated the recent attacks in Paris. Speaking during the debate, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group, Gianni Pittella said: “In the face of brutal Jihadist terror, we need more Europe and not less. We need more Europe in co-ordinating anti-terrorism policies.

“We need more Europe to strengthen co-operation among national intelligence services and to reinforce control of our external borders while safeguarding Schengen, one of the most powerful symbols of EU integration. We need more Europe through an effective PNR mechanism that goes hand in hand with right to data protection. We need more Europe in allowing member states the flexibility to have extra spending on counter-terrorism exempted from EU fiscal rules, as proposed by president Juncker. And what is certain is that we need more Europe and not less in the fight against Daesh, cutting their funding channels.

“As the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Egypt, Beirut, Mali and Paris show, the threat of terrorism is global. In facing this threat Europe, as has been said by EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, must be at the frontline in building an international alliance, including all the major regional actors, to defeat Daesh and to support the path of transitions in Syria and Iraq. We cannot allow divisions within this alliance to deviate us in our efforts, and therefore the current tension between Turkey and Russia must be overcome for the sake of a lasting solution.

“This should not become Europe’s September 11th. Europe cannot allow itself to be changed by terrorism. It will not be easy, it will take time, but united, we will overcome this new threat.”

Syed Kamall MEP on the Paris attacks: ‘You can attack us. You can injure us. But you will never break us.’


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