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Europeiska utrikestjänsten uttalande till offren för eld och våld i Odessa, Ukraina




_74619163_74619162“The EU is deeply saddened by the many deaths and injured in yesterday’s events in Odessa and conveys sincere condolences to the families of all those victims of blind violence.

“The facts which led to this tragic loss of so many human lives must now be established in an independent investigation and those responsible for these criminal acts brought to justice. The EU urges everyone to exercise utmost restraint and not to exploit this tragedy to fuel more hatred, division and senseless violence.

“This should be a moment of reflection for everyone and an occasion for all Ukrainians to come together and to find ways to overcome the artificially fuelled divisions over the last months. All political forces must now assume their responsibility and engage in a peaceful and inclusive dialogue to find a joint way out of the crisis. All signatories to the Geneva Joint Statement of 17 April must reinforce their efforts in view of its implementation. The EU is fully committed and will continue to do its utmost.”

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